WPEngine vs HostNine

You might have already heard of one of the most successful WordPress hosts by the name of WPEngine. This web host has many positive points that make it relevant in the hosting market today. The dynamics of the web hosting business only allow the most enduring companies to survive the storm. This is one thing that the company has skilfully taken up to define its evolution by staying ahead of the competition. Many companies including HostNine have recently seemed to offer a challenge to WPEngine. Do such companies succeed? The following analysis seeks to answer that question.

WPEngine vs HostNine: Reliability

When it comes to reliability, HostNine is quite a solid company. The features seem to be pretty good on many accounts. The shortcoming however is that the company does not hold ground when put on a feature-by-feature comparison with WPEngine. WPEngine has a really fine assortment of features that perform various functions. These features make it a very long term web host compared to HostNine. Reliability in the long term is what most clients are seeking when it comes to choosing a good web host. WPEngine is thus highly recommend over HostNine in terms of reliability.

WPEngine vs HostNine: Credibility

Credibility is gauged based on the opinions of users. Opinions in the internet business are more than just mere views if you want to get the real picture of a good performer. WPEngine has impressed many clients and they have gone online to state just that. Going through user reviews, it is apparent that the choice for most clients is WPEngine. HostNine has fair share of its own reviews but the enthusiasm expressed in these reviews falls below expectation.

WPEngine vs HostNine: Support

Web hosting systems are not good enough if they do not offer excellent support services to their clients. In terms of support, WPEngine does not compromise the support they give to their clients for anything. The support is simply sufficient to address all the needs of different clients. On the other hand, HostNine comes short in the kind of support they give to their clients. This could be mainly due to their mode of operation which prioritizes other features over support.

WPEngine vs HostNine: Features

WPEngine has the whole package going by the products on offer. The company seems to use its products to effectively to address the most basic needs of most clients. It does not stop there, as it also caters effectively for users with advanced needs. This variety that cuts across the board sets the company ahead of HostNine. HostNine fails to impress in terms of crafting packages that suit the needs of everyone.

WPEngine has a lot of experience offering web hosting services over the period they have existed. This experience has definitely translated into superior quality service provision. HostNine has a lot of shortcomings which completely leaves it in a desperate position. WPEngine is recommended because it will meet your needs without extra resource requirements. It has plans that suit everyone and thus earns a rating of 5/5.

Softlayer Hosting Review

There are thousands of web hosts out there for sure. But what really makes a web host stand out from the rest? A lot of things. The most important ones however are all about what the web host can do and what it can help you achieve as a business person. The best web hosts are not only all about just supporting your website, they should be about improving efficiency for you as well. This is the kind of experience that sums up Softlayer. Softlayer is one the most accomplished web hosts in the internet business. There are a lot of features and plans that make Softlayer stand out. Some of them are highlighted here.

Control Panel Features

The best way to determine a good web host is by looking at their user interface and what is contained there. The control panel of Softlayer is carefully designed to improve usability and efficiency. The graphical user interface is generally simple and effective enough to enable all sorts of users to work without a lot of trouble. The icons and menu packs are also well-placed in the working area in such a way that everything is easily accessible as it should be. This careful layout makes Softlayer have one of the best control panel designs.

Softlayer Plans

The web host also has a large variety of plans that are geared towards meeting the needs of all types of clients. These plans are distinguished between different capacities and prices. The storage for instance ranges from medium to high to meet the needs of individuals and corporates alike. Softlayer also has superb virtual servers, cloud servers, Softlayer coupons and big data options for all their clients. The company is one of a kind when it comes to flexibility. All these plans highly ease the working environment of the user by freeing up extra resources for other use.


The security plans by Softlayer are simply outstanding. The host has excellent integration of security tools within the websites which make it easy to scan, detect and remove malware. The security tools also come with the ability to customize their working abilities which make them highly efficient especially when needed. It is vital to note that these security tools are also frequently updated, so you can be assured of protection for new kinds of threats.


The web host has various ways in which you can reach support. They include chat, call, social media among others. The key thing to note about the support at Softlayer is that they are always available during the day and night. The staff are also excellent in the way they deliver their services, which alludes to the fact that they are highly trained.

Softlayer is definitely the best web host because of so many reasons. Softlayer has extremely reasonable prices and it is possible to find great Softlayer Coupons most times of the year. This web host is one of a kind and is highly recommended for everyone who wants a reliable and credible company. Because of the excellent services, the web host gets the highest rating of 5/5.

How to Be Frugal – Without Turning Cheap

The topic about the difference between being frugal and cheap is an important one in personal finance. Many times, we find ourselves or others in situations where a good analysis of our spending habits is necessary. Many reasons lead us to this kind of self scrutiny but the main one, is the need to have better planning of our finances. Planning our finances better enables us to live within our means while still being content. Many people however often confuse the difference between being frugal and being cheap. Of the two terms, one falls in the relatively negative view of most people – cheap.
Cheap is associated with low quality and unreliability. For this reason, it is common to find many of us who would rather go for a very expensive product just so that we may have a feeling of quality guarantee. However, such actions are bound to leave us vulnerable and financially strained in the long run. Being frugal is a concept most people do not understand and often confuse it with being cheap. But the truth is, being frugal is what many of us who want to spend our finances effectively need to be doing.

The question thus becomes, what does being frugal mean? Being frugal simply means, being able spend less than you earn. It is more of an economical living where you are able to go for the things that fall within your income. Cultivating good frugal habits can go a really long way in utilizing your resources more effectively. For instance, practicing habits like eating out less, having one car or choosing a minimalist wardrobe can have a great impact on your finances. Among the biggest expenses in our daily lives, food is high up on the list. A frugal person would eat out two or three days in a week and end up saving a lot in the remaining days of the week. Being frugal means going with a smaller house, avoiding impulse buying and making shopping lists. This is because even though you might have enough money to live in a bigger house and spend on things that catch your eye, you need to maximize the total value of the things you spend on.

There are many differences between frugal people and cheap people, so to say. Cheap people will always consider cost before anything else. They will go for the lowly priced items as a first priority. On the other hand, frugal people consider the value of the item and the difference it will make in their daily lives. That is why frugal people tend to go for the best deal in terms of price but also spend a lot on those items they really care about. Cheap people will also most times be very inconsiderate. In the quest to always look for cheap things, they end up spending even when they are not supposed to. On the other hand, frugal people would rather not spend at all if the items do not add any value to their lives no matter how cheap they might be.

Being frugal is all about the long term benefits, but being cheap is short term. Our spending habits usually affects those around us. The only difference is being cheap will not only have an impact in our own lives financially but will also affect those close to us in a bad way. On the other hand, being frugal will have more impact in our lives without rubbing of to those around us.

Many people usually worry that they may have a low quality life if they decide to make certain cuts and adjustments financially, especially considering what is generally considered as a good standard of living in the society. But the question becomes, would you rather dry up your bank account for expensive travels, or would it be better to just plan for better and affordable holiday packages? Achieving the right balance is definitely what separates cheapness and frugality.

The extent of our frugality is therefore a relative factor. More income means you get to spend more and vice versa. But the bottom-line is frugality defines our attitude towards spending and saving, especially where saving makes the bigger difference.

Making The Best Of A Dubai Tour Experience

Dubai is one of the fascinating cities in modern times. This beautiful city located in the Middle East has a lot to offer in terms of tourism for both local and international travelers. The transformation of this city over the last couple of decades has been a story worth writing about. The city has a lot of activities for all sorts of travelers. Among the most popular activities for visitors include, taking dhow cruises in Marina as well as in other locations. There are many dhow cruises that are ready to take visitors on an amazing journey through the amazing locations. The following are among the things visitors can do in a dhow cruise experience.

Taste Amazing Food

There are great foods and drinks to taste in the city. When in a dhow cruise expedition, you are always guaranteed to be treated with the tasty local cuisine at amazing offers. There are also meal plans that can be arranged to suit your desires. Dinner options are carefully planned for those who may wish to have a romantic night on a dhow cruise. Other meals are also served at all times of the day and visitors have an opportunity to taste the local Arabian cuisine.

Experience Great Local Music

Music is an intrinsic part of the dhow cruise experience in Dubai. Visitors will be treated to great belly dance and local music. The experience is also customized for people who may want to have different kinds of music. To say that the overall service is breathtaking is an understatement. This opportunity is coupled with the best dhow cruise deals in Dubai Marina that come in such a big variety that everyone is sufficiently catered for.

Go For Sightseeing

During the day, the Marina is full of light and there are many things to see in this city. From the great skyline to the amazing water events taking place at most times of the year, there is never a dull moment inside a dhow cruise. At night, the experience is even more fascinating with the amazing city lights. The experience is also completely fulfilling since it takes about two hours for the complete package. Other options are also available and you can always find the best dhow cruise deals in Dubai Marina.

Have A Team Building Paradise

The team building fun inside a dhow cruise is just unmatched. Dhow cruises offer the best environment to have a serious corporate engagement that is also coupled with fun-packed breaks. The experience has an environment that is calm, relaxing and sufficiently formal to offer the best of both worlds. The experience cannot be replicated by anything else and you are bound to have a productive and fulfilling team building expedition.

Experiencing this Arabian city is a once in a lifetime journey that matches no other. The possibility to meet and interact with numerous visitors from all over the world is also something truly special. Dubai is a city where the world converges to create lasting memories.

Best Asian Countries for Medical Tourism

Asia is one of the most fantastic tourism locations in the world. This continent is full of culture, natural wonders and an extremely enticing atmosphere. There are many things to do and many places to visit in this continent. Over the last couple of years, the continent has become a favorite location for tourists specifically looking for health and wellness hotspots. Having one of the oldest cultures in the world, the continent is home to some of the best wellness products that have been perfected over many years. South East Asia in particular, has produced various wellness products that are now famous the world over. If you are looking to explore this continent, below are some of the areas that you might want to check out.


This country developed as a maritime hub in South East Asia. In recent times, it has become extremely industrialized and most of its economy has diversified. Singapore offers top quality medical services to both tourists and locals. There is ample research and the medical field is always breaking new ground. Many tourists prefer to get their medical care in this country because is offers services of the highest quality at low costs. There is also an excellent blend of both traditional therapy techniques and modern medicine.

The Philippines

There are numerous resorts in the Philippines which offer top quality medical care as well as relaxation wellness services. The Philippines has for a long time now attracted wellness tourists from all over the world. This is because of the extremely affordable services which are not compromised in quality. There are many packages available for all sorts of travelers. Luxury spas in this country for instance offer a bundle of products like yoga treatment, detoxification, meditation among others in one pack.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand is generally a very famous spot for wellness travelers for various reasons. In addition to being an affordable spot, there is also a diverse range of services that you can find. The island of Koh Samui in particular and its surrounding areas, have become more popular than the rest of the country. The reason for this is that this area has some of the most luxurious resorts as well as temples that are easily accessible. There are parks, restaurants and other amenities that tourists will find attractive. Thailand also has a well-developed medical industry which caters for tourists from all over the world.

In addition to the above locations, there are many other excellent spots for medical tourism in South East Asia, including Malaysia and Vietnam. South East Asia is also the place for the famous massage techniques that have attracted the attention of the world. All the locations in the region offer varied services depending on the needs of each person. The only thing that is common among all of them however, is the low-cost care that many tourists find attractive. Considering that there are many alternative forms of medicine available in South East Asia, there is always something for every single tourist.

How Understanding Regulation Helps Startups

Every entrepreneur aims to grow their business and create more revenue. By providing products that are in demand to clients, businesses are able to profit. While most businesses operate in accordance with the law, there are some businesses that engage in illegal undertakings. It is for this reason why laws are formulated to regulate and govern businesses. Laws are important in establishing a fair playing field for both business and clients. Knowing about some laws that regulate your industry can be very helpful to your business. Here are some reasons why it is important to familiarize yourself with basic laws that govern businesses.

To enhance your relationship with other businesses

Any business depends on other business for goods and services. In the course of doing business, laws establish a common ground in which businesses interact with each other. Laws promote mutual understanding and protect the involved parties from malpractice. This ultimately paves way for honest business operations and encourages productivity in the industry. Knowing the important business-to-business laws is, therefore, an important task for a budding business.

To protect your business from outside entities

The government, bad clients, wayward businesses and other external forces can do a lot of harm to a business if not checked. Fortunately, several laws exist which aim to protect entrepreneurs from all these forces. Entities like the government, for instance, have the power to investigate businesses at any time. A bad government, however, can misuse such power and engage in actions that are counterproductive to business. This is why the law sets certain limits when it comes to business and government interaction. The law also properly checks other businesses in the industry. Most businesses looking for Hipaa compliant answering services, for instance, often find themselves having to consult widely before making any big steps.

To enhance your relationship with your clients

Being informed can help you relate well with your clients better. Many times, clients are not aware of the things a business should, or should not do. At such times, it is the responsibility of the business to inform their clients what is possible under regulation. Doing this increases trust and accountability between businesses and their clients. Some things like the security and privacy of client information, for instance, are very critical and should be never revealed by a business. In fact, all businesses in every field ranging from legal to health are bound by these rules. These are some of the realities new entrepreneurs, especially, learn about when looking for Hipaa compliant answering services. Understanding such things, among others can give you an edge in the industry.

Illegal business practices can take place in the absence of concise laws. Whether by accident or design, many businesses would find it easier to break the law than doing due diligence. Some businesses would make big losses in the uneven field and leave only a few strong entities in the operation. This would completely ruin any thriving economy. Understanding the law is, therefore, an act of responsibility for all those involved in the business world.