Invaluable Tools for Your Web Startup Business

Whether you are doing marketing, online store sales, professional copywriting or any other job online, you need a personal brand. I went over the need to have a strong personal brand online and why it matters a while ago. For this article, however, I will focus solely on a few invaluable tools that will help you when you are starting your online business. Some of these are apps and web tools that I have personally used to create powerful materials and saved a lot of money in the process.

A Little Background
If you have been online for a good amount of time, then you know of the many platforms where you can sell your skills or buy skills from others. I’m talking about websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Iwriter, Peopleperhour and the rest. In these platforms, you can find people offering all sorts of services for as low as $5! It’s quite amazing. But what if you are starting out and you do not have a budget to spend even a cent? I have known many people who have literally started from zero (myself included) and worked their way up step by step. Through that journey, you are able to find the most useful resources in the unlikeliest places. Here are 5 tools you can use to establish a formidable online brand without having to spend a cent.

1. Free Logomakers
Now, I know many free logomakers out there on the web suck. I mean, you cannot get a decent quality logo without having to sacrifice important stuff. But on Android, you have an entire world of apps that will help you create decent logos in just under a minute. Some of these apps are actually quite impressive if you play around with them. I have personally used apps like Logopit plus to make many of my logos. And the great thing is that all these apps are free. Check out some of the experimental logos I made just for this writing piece.

2. Domain name suggestion tools
Every startup needs a good brand in order to have a strong entry into the market. This is why things like domain names and business names need to be well thought out. Now, it is not very easy to brainstorm a good name out of the blue. This is why there are some good domain name suggestion tools to help you with exactly that. I have previously compiled a list of some of the best such tools and you can read about them here.

3. Typography and Visual graphic tools
Campaigns and messaging are very critical to attracting the right audience to your business. One of the best ways of attracting potential customers is through some nice banners, visual graphics and nicely edited text content. Creating good typographic material used to be a costly affair in the recent past as it involved using complex editing software, and often, a professional. Nowadays, however, Android apps like Fontee, Font Studio, Overlay and others are exceptional when it comes to making simple typography and graphics. (They even give you free quotes if you need them). Check out some work from these apps below.

4. Analytics tools
Tracking data and information is crucial if you want to know where your business is heading. Analytics tools like Google Analytics are very essential even though your business is young. You can use the information from this app to chart your way forward. There are other analytics tools apart from Google Analytics, of course, but I have particular favoured Google for its simplicity and dynamism.

5. Resources
Any simple blog or website needs content. Most content online is copyrighted and using it without permission could get you in trouble. That is why websites like, Pexel etc that offer free stock images that you can use on your blog are invaluable.

Of course, there are many other resources and tools that you will find along the way. Apps like Slack, Google Drive, Linkedin, Evernote among others will become crucial along the way. The above suggestions will, however, give you a formidable start in your business.

How to Make Money Online

Interested in How to make money online? Here are 5 tips on how to make money online.

Number 1: Sell Products
Platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay among others; allow merchants to sell their products on the platforms. All you need to do is open an account on your preferred platform, post the details of your product, and wait for a prospective client to purchase it. The platforms have an efficient way of handling logistics and you will have no trouble getting your products to clients.

Number 2: Sell your skills
You can make money as a freelancer selling your writing skills, editing skills, video-making skills, singing skills, voiceover skills, marketing skills, transcription skills, finance skills; you name it! Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour are all about giving skilled sellers and buyers a common place to connect and do business together.

Number 3: Promote Other People’s Products
Most big companies in the internet today, have some form of affiliate program where they allow their users to promote their products for a commission. From web hosting companies like Hostgator, to e-commerce platforms like Amazon; there is no shortage of marketing opportunities on the web. And there are big rewards for signing up as a member of these sites. All you need to do is sign up with the website of your desire and sign up for the affiliate program. After that, you can post you affiliate link on your website, social media site or blog.

Number 4: Advertise
Advertising is usually good for big companies and organizations that have a wide audience. Individuals can, however, tap into this segment as well. If you have a great blog or website with massive traffic, PPC advertising can be very rewarding. Most people who own blogs and websites online make lots of cash from advertising.

Number 5: Sell Original Work
Many authors and publishers are nowadays moving online to sell their books. This is mainly because the market has shifted heavily from offline platforms to online platforms. If you are an author or poet who has had a difficult time selling your published books, try publishing them with Amazon and you will be on your way to make massive passive income. The e-book market as a whole has grown tremendously over the years, and today, it is a very active segment of its own.

The above thus, are some of the best ways you can make money online. The internet is still young but very vibrant. The opportunities available today will continue increasing as more and more people discover the power of the internet. So make an early entry and you will not regret it in future.

8 Air Hockey Tips To Play Like a Pro

Air hockey is one of the fastest growing table games. The game has been around for over thirty years and it has seen nothing but growth in those years. This game is also a very engaging and fun game to play. Compared to other games, air hockey is a relatively easy game when it comes to learning. Mastering the game can, however, take some time. Whether you are playing this game for fun or professionally, there are some tips that you need to master the game and win more. Here are a few tips for increasing your success rates in air hockey.

Have a Good Grip

The most important and invaluable tip for all players of this game is to master the grip. Having a good grip on the mallet highly increases your chances of winning a game. This is because the right grip gives you stability and increases the accuracy of your shots. While there is no specific advice when it comes to getting a good grip, you just need to make sure that you do not grab the knob with all your fingers as this might cut your speed. Most professionals simply put the knob between the middle and index finger. This grip ensures good stability and speed.

Select a Good Mallet

A great gameplay is enhanced by the kind of mallet you use. Air hockey is a game that involves a lot of defensive play. This means that there are many shots that are blocked throughout the game. Some of these shots can originate from your opponent while others might be your own deflected shots. In order to have better control of the game, the mallet needs to be made of soft material that will not deflect the puck unnecessarily. You need to be very keen when selecting the mallet because it will definitely have an impact on your game.

Learn A Few Power Moves

There is no pro in any game who does not have some signature moves. While you do not need to master every possible move of the game, having a few power moves can greatly increase your success at the game. You can master some power moves that you often see working well for you in the game. There are also many moves that are commonly used by experienced players that you can learn. You can combine bank shots, straight shots and cross shots for a good offensive game. Whatever moves you use, make sure that you emphasize on those that have better success in your current game.

Balance Your Game

In any game, there are always two styles of play – defensive and attack. There are some players who are masters of defense while others are exceptional at attacking. A well-rounded player, however, is one who uses both styles to their advantage. When playing air hockey, you must make sure that you do not attack too much nor become too defensive. You should learn to balance your game earlier on so that you can effectively use the best moves when the time is right. Combining attack and defense also makes it hard for your opponent to predict your game.

Practice by Playing Often

The number one rule for all games is – practice makes perfect. Indeed, there is nothing that guarantees you success at air hockey other than committing some extra minutes into the game. While you do not have to obsess over the game, you can at least commit to playing for a couple of minutes every day. Within a short time, you will realize growth and development in your game as you practice. Air hockey is not a game that requires any special training, diet or advanced equipment. With minimal effort and commitment, you can easily become a pro.

Focus On the Game

Air hockey is a game that requires active participation. The game is speedy and highly engaging. You thus need to be able to focus on the game at hand. Focusing involves observing your opponent and blocking their moves. You also need to focus on the gameplay as a whole in order to come up with a formidable strategy that will enable you to win the game. You need to keep your mind in the game and make all necessary changes based on every changing aspect. Having this dynamism is key to success in the game.

Be Relaxed and Modest When You Play

While it is okay to experiment often, you don not be extra excited or overenthusiastic. You need to play a moderate game with moderate moves that you are sure of. Most of the time, players who improvise a lot end up reducing their chances of playing a consistent game. You generally need to do experimental moves once in a while even though you are outshining your opponent. Air hockey is a versatile game in which tables can turn to favor either player at any moment.

Keep In Touch With the Bigger Game

Finally, making sure that you make an effort of following up on the professional aspect of the game. There are many tournaments that have been organized over the years and the game continues to grow. There are also digital platforms where you can stay in touch with the game and learn about new developments. Keeping in touch with the game not only helps you sustain your passion, but you also get a chance to see how other players carry out their in-game strategy. You can derive much inspiration from such players and make your game better as well.

Air hockey is a fantastic game that provides lots of fun and entertainment. The game is strategic, intense and in overall a well-rounded game. You can be able to master this game within a short time and be a formidable player. There are many tips you can follow if you want to be your best in this game. The above points are a collection of the best tips you can use to improve your game. Following these tips will enable you to turn around your game and play like a pro within no time.

Top 8 Amazing Breakfast Dishes For a Well-Toned Body

Breakfast is without a doubt the most critical meal of the day. It is especially an important meal for all those who are watching their health. The kind of food we take for breakfast can help us achieve our health goals or contribute to the detriment of the same. There are numerous meals that can be considered healthy for breakfast. Depending on the needs of each person, different meals can have different effects on the body. Some diets are great for strengthening the immune system while some others comprise the best diet for skin. Here are a few great food ideas for your daily breakfast.

Plain Fruit Salad

Fruits are generally some of the best snacks you can have at any time of the day. Fruits have different minerals and vitamins. When it comes to breakfast, fruits can be made into a healthy, filling salad that is just enough to get your day started. For a perfect breakfast salad, you can have fruits like bananas, avocado, and berries among others. These fruits have different properties that make them the perfect combo for health and satisfaction. You can also include some milk or yogurt as part of the meal for a complete meal. This is not mandatory, however, as a plain fruit salad is great on its own.


Oatmeal is one of the most versatile choices for breakfast. There are many different styles and methods you can use to create the perfect oatmeal for breakfast. You can have this meal with eggs, milk, water or many other additions. Oatmeal is also great with bread, pumpkin and many other options for those who want to fill themselves with the right food. Oatmeal is a great choice because it made of grains. It is thus not only rich in protein, iron, fiber and many other substances. You can have oatmeal with fruit, milk or other things.

A Smoothie Loaded With Nuts

Smoothies are great because they pack a healthy mixture of nutrients. In addition to nutritional value, smoothies are quite satisfying and they are some of the most appetizing food choices. Smoothies are easy to make and can be made from a wide range of fruits. For breakfast, you can create the perfect smoothie from a mixture of bananas and strawberries among other fruits. You can then and add some nuts on the mixture. The resulting mixture is assured to give you a full belly and amazing health benefits. You can also use many other kinds of fruits to flavor your smoothie. Smoothies are perfect for a quick breakfast for those in a rush.

Sugar-free Muffins

Muffins are some of the most preferred snack choices for breakfast. These snacks are very healthy especially when they are sugar-free. Sugar-free muffins can be taken with regular coffee, milk or other liquids in the morning. Muffins are also a versatile choice of snack as you can find vegan options that are not any less valuable in nutritional terms. You can find cornmeal, cheese, fruit flavored muffins and many other types of muffins on the market. Muffins can also be combined with fruits like raspberries for natural healthy sugar content.

Banana Bread

While banana bread may not be the most common choice for breakfast for most people, it is nevertheless a very healthy option for breakfast. The one thing that makes banana bread a fantastic choice is that it is extremely tasty and nourishing. The intrinsic benefits of bananas are not lost when they are baked into a bread. In fact, the resulting mixture of banana bread contains a great concentration of all the right nutrients. This bread can be taken with various beverages for a complete nutritious breakfast.

Tomato Toast

The benefits of fruits for the body cannot be overemphasized. This is why a healthy breakfast must include at least one fruit. Tomatoes are not often considered as fruits although they are. While tomatoes are mostly used as part of vegetables, their intrinsic fruit qualities are unmatched. A good tomato toast contains multiple vitamins and also includes the nutritional value of various minerals and fiber. Tomatoes also have protein properties that are beneficial to the human skin.

Green Tea

Beverages are traditionally a big part of breakfast. Green tea is hailed as a master beverage. This is because it has so many benefits to the body. Green tea is capable of offering quick relief to people suffering from certain conditions. In addition, green tea has natural nutrients and antioxidants that have limitless benefits to all people. As a breakfast beverage, green tea can be taken with a variety of snacks, cereals or any other kind of food. There are many varieties and flavors of green tea in the market. Everyone is thus guaranteed to find the right tea that suits them.

Whole Eggs

Eggs are some of the most nutritionally-endowed food options and this list definitely saves the best for last. It is simply impossible to overlook eggs when it comes to breakfast food choices. There are countless health research findings that have confirmed the high nutritional value of eggs. In fact, some medical quarters have gone ahead to endorse eggs as a great choice for everyday breakfast. The main reason why eggs are highly lauded is that they are the perfect choice for natural protein. Proteins are essential for growth and development in the body. Just like any kind of food, however, eggs must be taken in moderation or else they might be a cause for concern.

When looking for healthy breakfast meal alternatives, you are guaranteed to find many great options wherever you look. You can definitely find the perfect choices for losing weight, gaining muscle and many other health benefits. With enough research, you can even find out what options comprise the best diet for skin. The above meals comprise some of the best breakfast options for people who are looking for holistic health gains. There are definitely many different ways you can consume the meals listed here. The key thing, however, is to actually make the effort of trying them out if you want to see change.

Why Formal Use of Language Still Matters in Business Realms

One of the most common assumptions of modern minds is that language does not really matter when communicating as long as the meaning is implied. Well, the truth is, a lot of ‘meanings’ can be implied with only a few words. One message can contain several meanings. Language use in official settings, especially when crafting business documents, is very crucial. If you snoop around the internet long enough, you are guaranteed to find some folks having to endure the brunt of accusation for being ‘Grammar Nazis’. These ‘Grammar Nazis’ (quite an unfair designation if you ask me), are innocent netizens who just want information to be shared in a clear, precise, and universally acceptable manner for the benefit of every person. And that demand is quite fair, considering that official business nowadays is mostly conducted via emails and other electronic channels. At a time when technology is running faster than language, the question is – is it really important to continue abiding by the same old-fashioned grammar rules?

No Simple Answer

To be honest, there is no straight answer to that question. Sometimes, simplifying meaning and overlooking rules is really great for making communication much faster and effective. Were it not for the proponents of a simpler language and rule breakers, we would not have the benefit of enjoying popular words that are indispensable in meaning, and which have become almost unavoidable in daily conversation and business circles. Think of portmanteaus like infomercial, workaholic, phablet and many more that not only give precise meaning but also make discussions quite expressive.

On the other side of the divide, however, excessive use of unfamiliar grammar and changing up established meaning often is a sure recipe for disaster and failed communication. Language matters because communication needs to be precise. Were it not for the possibility of ambiguity in meaning, grammar rules would be redundant and unnecessary – and people would be free to use language as they please. And sometimes, it doesn’t matter if language is used incorrectly as long as there is no ambiguity in meaning to those whom the message is directed at – context.

Where the Two Worlds Meet

I’m quite convinced that while rebellious users of language often face much criticism in the tentative duration, they often end up having the last laugh by redefining language. But this takes quite a long while! – Which is why the ‘Grammar Nazis’ will always have the last say in matters that concern language use in the short-term. So the short answer is that; yes, grammar rules and proper use of language do matter in formal communication – and only intended meaning can suffice in the business world.

My Favourite Kenyan Food Brands and Companies

First off, let me start by admitting that I’m not really big on food nor interested in following any particular food brands. But, for a while, I have noticed that I have actually spent quite a significant amount of money on a couple of Kenyan food brands. If you are like me, or if you reason like me – then you must have noticed that most Kenyans are not really big on brands. Especially those that happen to tread in the food industry. In a country where growing up, you mostly get to see detergent, cement and cooking oil adverts – the so-so attitude with food brands is not strange. Here are a couple of Kenyan food brands and companies that I have ‘ranked’ over time.

Farmer’s Choice

Farmer’s choice is without a doubt one of the most prolific meat products brand in Kenya. I always likened this company to Bata shoes when growing up for some reason. Maybe it’s because of the red branding, or dominance in the market?… I don’t know. Farmers-Choice-LogoBut this company has been around since forever (It was around before I was born, so ‘forever’ is as far as it goes for me). Over the years, I have consumed their smokies, sausages, meat brawn and many other products. As far as branding goes, I have to give it to farmer’s choice. Every single sausage (even boiled eggs!) cart out there carries this brand.

Javahouse coffee

Growing up, this one was one of those places that I saw the older me hanging out. mYLAkaSEIndeed I got to hang out here a couple of times when I was a constant city slicker. There is a lot I can say about what this brand has done to the coffee culture in Kenya, but I’ll just let your imagination do the work. The one thing I am happy about is that the brand has over time spread its wings and it’s now found in many other towns outside Nairobi.

Sanford Chips and Chicken

Also called Sonford chips and chicken. This one I got to know and like back when I was on campus. stock-photo-fried-chicken-leg-with-potato-chips-isolated-on-white-background-74717713I was actually gladly introduced to this small chips and chicken outlet by my buddies one Friday night. Anyway, since then, the money I have given to these guys would probably be enough to buy me a pregnant heifer by now. The sad thing is that I have barely been back there since graduating from the CBD campus I used to go to. Either way, I feel that this one deserves a spot on this list as it’s some sort of hallmark with campus and college kids around CBD. In fact, you will find about six to ten outlets by the same company around CBD – although they go by different names.

Dairyland Ice Creams

For as long as I can remember, every single ice cream cart I ever met in Nairobi was branded Dairyland. I could be wrong, but this was the experience for me. dairyland-630x315In all the places I have been – from Eastlands to Westlands, Nairobi South and the northern outskirts, I always happened to get ice cream from a Dairyland guy. I don’t know if this is still the case or maybe some competition is now ruling the streets. Whatever happened, Dairyland did a great job of fulfilling my childhood frozen dessert desires.