New NBA 2k18 Features That Make the Game A Gem

The NBA 2K franchise of video games is now in its 19th installment. Over the years, basketball fans and gaming enthusiasts have eagerly looked forward to each new installment of this captivating game series. Each installment has brought in new improvements and today, the current games are some of the most engaging video games you can get. The NBA 2K18 is the newest item in the line-up and this particular games has a lot of exciting perks. Here is a quick look at why players want to play NBA 2K18 as well as some useful information about NBA 2K18.

Improved UI and Graphics

The game comes with the most impressive user interface and graphics thus far. Over the years, video games have benefitted a lot from the advancement in simulation and motion technologies. Today, players are able to enjoy the crispiest and most realistic characters and game play. NBA 2K18 supports adjusting in-game features like contracts, salaries and such other things which have contributed to an immersive user experience. The game also gives players the chance to designate players to certain leagues and thus manage talent more efficiently. These features have without a doubt raised the stature of the game by a huge margin.

An Enthralling Story Mode

One of the most important aspects of any video game and particularly the NBA 2K games is the incorporation of a proper accompanying story. The NBA 2K18 has a new story-driven franchise mode that allows the player to have a solid context of objectives. This story mode is without a doubt one of the most valuable aspects of the game. The story mode has brought in a new twist to the game which has attracted both new and seasoned players. As the story progresses in the game, new features are unlocked and the ultimate direction of the game is in the hands of the player.

Carefully-considered and Captivating Supportive Content

In-game content like music playlists adds quality and value to the game. All the music tracks included in the game blend very well with the game play. The game also includes several relocation cities where the player can relocate to at will. A lot of content has also been added to support and improve the practice aspects of the game. A jump-shot creator is also included for easy creation of animations and customization. In overall, the content goes a long way in making the game more holistic.

Other Useful Information and Conclusion

Another big feature that players have been looking forward to is free agency. With NBA 2K18, this feature is included and users can now have a more flexible experience when signing new players. Customization features for players also allow the user to control the kind of the accessories the player wears and so on. When it comes to administration features, players are now able to save and bookmark their preferred creators. NBA 2K18 is definitely a game that will continue to pull in players because of its continued innovativeness. The game is feature-packed and definitely offers the most lifelike experience compared to other installments in the series.

Safety Precautions to Consider When Using a Portable Generator

There are a few key things you need to consider when using a portable generator. They include operation procedures, maintenance routines, and safety. Safety is a particularly crucial aspect of the use because it is necessary at all stages of use. Just like other machines, portable generators have a set of safety rules that you need to abide by if you want to have a smooth operation process. Many of the rules are rather straightforward and should not be an issue to anyone. You only need to be on the lookout for the subtle risks that portable generators present.

Protection from Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas emitted from burning fossil fuels. This gas is indeed the main threat to human life when it comes to generator use. In order to protect yourself from this killer, you need to put in place proper safeguards when using a generator. Installing gas detectors in the house and ensuring constant air supply within the house can go a long way in keeping you out of risk. Carbon monoxide is the main killer especially in the extremely cold seasons when generators become necessary implements in the house. Generators should always be kept outside the house where they do not pose any risks to human life.

Safety When Handling Fuel

The second most dangerous aspect of a generator is the fuel used to run the machine. Fuel is an essential resource that allows the generator to produce power. Fuel can be dangerous mainly because it is inflammable. For this reason, safety precautions are necessary when refueling and running a generator. You need to have firefighting equipment nearby every time you are running a generator. In addition, you need to avoid performing a refuel when the generator is running because you can risk explosion. Fuel should also be stored far away from a running generator. A good refuel should leave no spills on or around the generator. Keeping at bay all possible sources of fire is ultimately the best measure when it comes to generator fuel safety.

Safety Considerations with the Electrical Supply

The electrical system is an essential part of the generator that controls the supply of power from the source to where the power is used. Cords are the main means of transmitting this electrical power. Safety considerations need to address the issue of possible power leaks along the transmission line. When buying a cord, you need to factor in the characteristics of your environment.

A good electrical cord should be able to withstand the atmospheric and environmental conditions of your surroundings. A good cord should also be able to have sufficient capacity to handle the power supply. Weak cords that cannot handle the electrical load provided by the generator can overheat easily and cause a fire. It is also important to inspect the cords from time to time to ensure that they are in good condition before using them. Just like fuel, electrical cords should be kept in places where they are not a physical hazard.


In order to guard generator users against electrical shock, a proper grounding mechanism must be put into place. There are many different industry standards when it comes to modern generator grounding features. Such standards often remove the necessity of providing your own grounding features. As a safety precaution, however, you need to be informed about the grounding features in order to authenticate their usefulness. To this extent, you can familiarize yourself with the common requirements that come with your portable generator. Some of the requirements include:

– The frame of the generator can serve as the grounding mechanism if the generator is used to power equipment mounted on it. Such equipment can either be firmly attached to the generator through power cords or other mechanisms. Such a system does not any more grounding as it acts as a unit.

– The frame can be sufficient for grounding when there is good insulation and proper grounding terminals. To this extent, parts of the generator that do not carry any current can act as safeguards when they are part of the generator frame. Including both current-carrying and non-current parts of the generator into the same frame neutralizes the danger of electrical shock.

When such mechanisms and safeguards are in place, there is no need for additional grounding. In case they are not present, grounding can be availed by using a proper electrode. Such a grounding mechanism is especially important if the generator is supplying power to a structural unit.

Safety Considerations for Home Connections

The home power supply should be done in such a manner that there are no loopholes left unsealed in terms of safety. A good grounding mechanism should be in place and the installation should be done in a professional manner. It is always good to employ proficient technicians who can avail a proper home power supply that is not deficient in any way.

There are a number of regulatory standards dictate what a safe connection should entail. In general, the portable generator should be linked to a good transfer switch. Such a switch is critical in feeding power to the right transmission lines. Power consumption should also be kept to a minimum in order to prevent overloading.

A common but risky habit of a number of generator users is to power up the home supply by back-feeding. This is risky and should be avoided. Back-feeding alters and overrides the specified power limits and thus put people, systems, and equipment at risk.

General Precautions

In addition to the above precautions, there are a few other general precautions that you need to observe. For instance, the general should always be secured from all hazards. Water and other potential risk factors must also be away from the power supply system.

In addition, responsible use procedures should be followed when operating a portable generator. Fuel should never be left inside a dormant generator for a long time as it poses risks.

Just like other machines, portable generators also require constant maintenance in order to function smoothly. You should thus investigate on the proper ways of maintaining your generator according to its features.

While the above information touches on key safety issues when using portable generators, it is not exhaustive. The best way to ensure safety is by carefully scrutinizing the operational procedures that come with your particular model.